Service Items
(1) Emphasize on the domestic and international visit and communication of the business and enhance the business harmony.
(2) Process for domestic and international business development and marketing activities, vigorously expand the market and earn for business opportunity.
(3) Establish e-business website, members of the association step into the global e-business.
(4) Build the information platform for fastener business to exchange market information.
(5) Domestic and international exhibition participation and visit.
(6) Constant organization activities, which offer practical, help to members, such as discussion conferences, speeches and seminars.
(7) Maintain of the legal right of members.
(8) Accept the service commission from the organizations and groups.
(9) Accept the guidance from supervision organization for process the relevant sales communication, government policy and legislation.
(10) Assist the business field to handle the trade dispute or problems on customer complaint.